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Welcome to the wine world of Zealand! From the top of Røsnæs to a vineyard 10 km. from the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. Get Yulia and Christopher’s top recommendations here.

If you’re curious about Danish wine and want to know more about wineries in Zealand, read on. Which wineries are located in Zealand, which ones should you visit and buy wine from, and where are the local gems we’ve visited?

Let’s start with the full overview:

How many wineries are there in Zealand?

There are, of course, a large number of happy amateurs who grow wine for their own consumption. But at the same time, there are actually +20 wineries that are run as businesses, most of which you can visit and buy wine from.

Wineries in West Zealand

West Zealand is known for its many hours of sunshine, making it ideal for viticulture. It’s a unique experience to come from Copenhagen and turn right at Kalundborg to suddenly find yourself on the Wine Route. It’s a beautiful trip to drive to Røsnæs and visit Denmark’s largest vineyard Dyrehøj Vingaard with 35,000 vines, as well as the other vineyards in the area such as Røsnæs Vingård. This area is shaping up to be Denmark’s Napa Valley.

View of Samsø from a Zealand vineyard Dyrehøj Vingård.
Røsnæs has 100 more hours of sunshine than the national average.

Wineries in South Zealand

Vesterhave Winery in Karrebæksminde is one of Denmark’s most award-winning wineries in recent years and is especially known for their red wines. Præstø Vingård with 12,000 vines is also a big player, and South Zealand has a number of smaller wineries. Here you will find Denmark’s southernmost vineyard. Sydpynten near Gedser has 900 vines but does not currently sell their wines. Tusen Vin is beautifully situated at Tuse Næs north of Holbæk and has 15,000 vines. The first harvest was in 2023, so it will be exciting to follow.

Wine production on Møn has become really interesting. Hjelm Vingård was there from the start of Danish wine production, and newcomers like the sparkling wine house Brut de Møn seem to have great international potential.

Wineries in Greater Copenhagen

Only 10 km from City Hall Square you will find Nordlund Winery by the Avedøre barracks. The winery was founded as one of the first in Denmark to produce Danish wine under the name Dansk Vincenter in 1995, and their shop is open every Thursday from 13-16. Some of the photos on DanishWine.com are taken from the farm, and we recommend you visit them to buy wine or host a wine event.

Wineries in North Zealand

North Zealand has a number of exclusive wineries where you can expect a holistic experience from start to finish. There are a small handful of commercial wineries, among which we would recommend Ørby Vingård which sits on a windswept hill and serves excellent wine. In addition, you can complement this with a nice walk around the area and visit small local producers such as gin makers and bakers. The internationally award-winning Langelinie Vin is located between Frederikssund and Slangerup and hosts monthly wine tastings.

Welcome to Frederiksborg Vin near Hillerød

Christopher and Yulia have visited Frederiksborg Vin a couple of times, friendly winemakers and we are particularly fond of their red wine. Read more about wineries in North Zealand .

What do you need to know before visiting a Zealand winery?

Yulia and Christopher have visited several wineries on Zealand, including Dyrehøj, Ørby Vingård and Nordlund Vingård. Here are a few recommendations:

Driving 100 km is no fun. only to discover that the winery is closed. Always check their current opening hours. Some wineries are open one day a week for a few hours, while others are closed for the rest of the season.

In addition to opening hours, consider the following:

  • Location
    Is it close to other tourist attractions or in scenic areas where you can go for a nice walk? For example, a visit to Dyrehøj can turn into a walk in the field with a great view of Samsø on a picnic blanket or an ice cream at Røsnæs harbor afterwards. Especially if you’re in a car and want to burn two glasses before you drive on, the area has to be able to do something.
  • Wine selection
    Does the winery specialize in red, white or rosé wine? Perhaps very good to know if you can only get natural wine and it’s not your cup of tea.
  • Guided tours and tastings
    A visit to a winery is much more interesting when there is an opportunity to learn about the history behind it. If you can experience the wine production. Are wine tastings offered? Usually you also need to book in advance, so be sure to check the winery’s website.
  • Restaurant
    Food gives Danish wine extra justification. If the winery has a restaurant, it’s a great combination when trying Danish wine. We recommend Dyrehøj’s vineyard, which is a great culinary experience.
  • Accommodation
    Some wineries offer accommodation, which is a good idea if you want to taste the full range.
The restaurant at Dyrehøj Vingård
Deep-fried oysters washed down with ice-cold Solaris at Dyrehøj Vingård (May 2023)

“Your next wine experience awaits in North Zealand”

Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to explore the vineyards of Zealand. Your next wine experience is just around the corner! If you have a great experience, we would be grateful if you post on social media and tag DanishWine.com.

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