Funen, also known as the Garden of Denmark, offers not only idyllic landscapes and historical sights, but also a growing wine industry. And Funen is close to our hearts. This is where we discovered Danish wine. Past Falsled Kro and through winding roads, we visited Agger Vin in the summer of 2022 and had an unforgettable experience. That was the day we realized that Danish wine has something special to offer.

A few good bottles bought at Agger Vin

5 wineries you must visit on Funen

Below are some of the Funen wineries that are worth a visit when driving through the region (or crossing the bridge over Svendborgsund to Tåsinge and Langeland).

Overview of wineries on Funen

Funen has 10 commercial vineyards. In addition, there are a large number of hobby growers who produce wine for their own needs. They are distributed across Funen and in the Funen Archipelago. Both Langeland and Ærø have commercial growers.

If anyone in the wine production in Denmark Funen wineries are experimenting. They make both Clairet – deliberately – and Pinot Noir. Yes, you read that right – Pinot Noir.

We mentioned in the beginning Agger Vin where the Agger brothers live and in addition to wine, you can also play Parkgolf (a Japanese invention). Kimesbjerggård and Langedil Vin are two other interesting wineries with a smaller production (around 2,000 vines each).

The vineyards of the South Funen Archipelago

We visited cozy Mads at Tranekær last year and tried his excellent Clairet. It’s definitely worth a visit to have a wine tasting at his farm. As a curiosity, Maglebølle Vingård on Midtfyn also focuses on Clairet. On one of Denmark’s most beautiful islands, Ærø, lies Ærø Vin, which promises to be an exciting project.

We enjoy a good glass of red wine from Mads in Tranekær. The bottles are smaller, and Mads can tell you that story when you visit him

By Stokkebye and Pinot Noir

You can actually make Pinot Noir in Denmark. It has By Stokkebye proven. Jacob Stokkebye changed his job as a waiter at Kong Hans and became a winegrower. And in 2023, we got to taste his Pinot Noir. This is going to be one of the most exciting wineries to follow.

Klitgaard Vin is one of the oldest wineries from 2004. They primarily make sparkling Pinot Noir. You can read more about them here .

What Should You Know Before Visiting a Funen Winery?

Before you go, it’s a good idea to check the winery’s opening hours and book a visit if necessary. At By Stokkebye, for example, you need to book well in advance for their caviar events. Also consider the winery’s location in relation to other attractions. Are there hiking opportunities in the area, or perhaps a nearby town worth visiting?

Your Next Funen Wine Experience Awaits

Now you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to explore Funen’s vineyards. Whether you’re a red, white, rosé or Clairet enthusiast, there’s something for everyone on Funen.

We hope this guide has whetted your appetite for exploring Funen’s exciting wine universe. We – Yulia and Christopher – are definitely going away again soon.

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