Visit Bornholm’s wineries

Bornholm is not only known for its magnificent nature and rich history. It’s also a wine producing island. Right now, there are only two commercial wineries on Bornholm: Lille Gadegård, which is one of Denmark’s largest wineries, and Graanakke, located on Balka.

Here’s a guide to the vineyards on Bornholm:

It’s not necessarily more difficult to produce wine on Bornholm than the rest of Denmark, so hopefully there will be more wineries in the future.

Christopher’s colleague Per brought home a nice bottle of Solaris 2021 the last time he was on Bornholm. We can see that they make exciting wine on the sunny island, and we look forward to visiting Bornholm soon.

What makes Bornholm unique compared to other parts of Denmark, when it comes to wine production?

Bornholm differs from the rest of Denmark in many ways, including its climate. The island’s location in the Baltic Sea gives it a milder and sunnier climate, which is ideal for the production of Danish wine . This unique climate makes it possible to experiment with grape varieties and production techniques that are otherwise rare in Denmark.

Lille Gadegård: Bornholm’s largest winery

Lille Gadegård is not just any winery; it is Bornholm’s largest commercial winery and one of Denmark’s oldest. With an area of 89,000 square meters and an annual production of around 30,000 bottles of wine, it is a farm of great importance to the island’s culture and economy.

While other Danish wineries often focus on more robust grape varieties that can withstand the Danish climate, Lille Gadegård has the opportunity to grow more demanding varieties. This results in a unique range of wines that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Wine events at Lille Gadegård

There is typically a guided tour and wine tasting every Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm at Lille Gadegård. The winery is located in Pedersker, east of Rønne.

The farm is open to visitors during the summer months and offers a variety of events ranging from wine tastings to special culinary experiences. It’s a good idea to check their website for current opening hours and events so you can plan your visit as best as possible.

What do you need to know before your visit?

Before heading to Lille Gadegård, it’s important to check opening hours and any pre-booking requirements. The farm is also located in scenic surroundings, so consider combining your visit with a trip to some of Bornholm’s other attractions.

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Graanakke on Balka

This vineyard has already started yielding grapes and is currently producing 600 bottles of red wine and 200 bottles of white wine. Head to the wine shop and restaurant Vinøst in Svaneke if you want to try this new, exciting wine.