Experience the Danish vineyards

– A hidden Nordic treasure

Producing wine in Denmark? Yes, you read it correctly. Even though wine is not usually associated with this part of the world, the fact is that Denmark has a growing wine industry stretching from Limfjorden in the Northern part of Jutland to the rocky island of Bornholm in the east.

Europe’s most northern wine region

Denmark was formally approved by the EU as an official wine region in the year 2.000. In 2018 we got our first appellation ”DONS” via the sparkling wines from Skaersoegaard.

It is not solely a question of pride, but also proof that quality and innovation go hand in hand for Danish wine production.

A new, exciting specialtyt

Danish wine is no longer a novelty item, but is now taken seriously by the international wine world. With more than 1.100 wine producers, where 90 are certified vineyeards, there is something for everyone.

Denmark has a lot to offer from the most northern vineyards such as Guldbaek to the award winning wines from Oernberg Vin.

Taste, Experience, Enjoy!