About us

DanishWine.com was born into this world to pass on the message that you have to taste Danish wine.

We want you to have a try and discover the Danish vineyeards to show that we are a serious alternative to the traditional wine producing countries. Right now a lot of exciting new Danish wine is coming out with local characteristics.

Yulia Blond and Christopher Hofman Laursen have spend a lot of time over the last couple of years visiting vineyards across Denmark. On our visits to vineyards such as Dyrehoej, Tranekaer, Oerby, Agger and many others we have experienced lots of great wines and an introduction to the Danish wine rebels. The ones who have jumped head first to see, if it was actually possible to produce wine in Denmark.

We want you to go on the journey with us. Every month via our subscription service you can receive a bottle of wine handpicked by us from one of our visits. You will discover wine all across Denmark. You can also buy selected wine in our webshop. Do you want to visit a vineyard? We will add wine events on the go.