Wineries in Jutland – See Jutland vineyards near you

The fresh white wine was slightly bubbly and had a hint of apple. The fresh acidity and sweetness was reminiscent of a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, but the fact was that it was produced just a two-hour drive from the restaurant we were sitting at in Blåvand.

It was Christopher’s first encounter with Danish wine and he was impressed. You could say that a summer day on the west coast of Jutland with a glass of wine in hand, made on the small island of Årø, laid the foundation for

This post is about the vineyards in Jutland. From the shores of the Limfjord to the hilly terrain of central Jutland to Dons, which has been approved as Denmark’s first quality wine. Here are our top recommendations for a wine experience in Jutland. You can visit the wineries, make a direct purchase at the farm or enjoy a wine tasting in Jutland at any of the wineries.

Let’s start with the full overview:

How many wineries are there in Jutland?

There are 28 commercial wineries in Jutland, making it the region with the most professional winemakers. The vineyards are spread across the region. The most famous vineyard is Skærsøgaard near Kolding, which is the first Danish vineyard to receive a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), similar to the French AOC or the Italian DOC.

12 wineries you must visit in Jutland

Below are a number of Jutland wineries that are worth a visit when driving through the region (or sailing to Årø).

  • Skærsøgaard Vin
  • Glenholm Winery
  • Guldbæk Winery
  • Vester Vedsted
  • Årø Winery
  • Lindely Winery
  • Wine Clamp Horse
  • Nygårdsminde Winery
  • Neder Kjærsholm Winery
  • Justenborg
  • Glentebjerg Winery
  • Todbjerg Winery

Let’s take a closer look at the regions:

Wineries in North Jutland

North Jutland is a region that offers a unique combination of scenic landscapes and a special climate ideal for wine production. The climate in North Jutland is characterized by mild summers and cool winters, which gives the grapes a longer growing season. This results in grapes with a deep flavor and high acidity, which is essential for the production of quality wine.

Of the wineries in the area, Glenholm winery stands out. It is a family-run winery in Vesthimmerland, located near the Limfjord and Livø. Visitors can take a walk in the fields, join guided tours, enjoy a glass of wine with lunch, try a wine tasting at the bar and explore the wine shop.

Glenholm Vingård - one of the vineyards in Jutland.
Buteo 2020 from Glenholm. The scent has nuances of apple, pear, citrus and tropical fruit

Guldbæk Vingård in Himmerland south of Aalborg is another example of a vineyard with an edge. They have a sustainable production where wine tastings and wine events are held. Soon you’ll also be able to stay overnight on the farm.

Wineries in Central Jutland

Central Jutland is home to the largest farms, and as mentioned in the introduction, Denmark’s most high-profile farm internationally, Skærsøgaard, is also in the area.

Vester Vedsted near Ribe is an organic vineyard with 10,000 vines. Guided tours and wine tastings are available. At the same time, they have a restaurant “Vingårdens Bord”, so you can get a good day trip out of it.

The vineyard behind Dons – Skærsøgaard – is a prime example of fulfilling Denmark’s potential as a wine country. With 30,000 vines, it is one of the largest wineries in the world. More importantly, their sparkling wines “DONS” have earned a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certification and a slew of international awards. They are said to be the best wines being made in Denmark right now, although there are probably a few other Danish winemakers who would disagree. But stop by their shop in Almind on Monday or Wednesday by appointment and try this Danish wine for yourself.

Also worth mentioning Årø winery located on a small charming island, which also serves Friday pizza if you’re in the area. Their wine is slightly bubbly, fresh and with a hint of apple. A symbol of what the unmistakable taste of Danish wine can be like on a hot summer day.

Årø Vingaard wine tasting with
DanishWine on a trip to Årø

Wineries in Southern Jutland

There are a few vineyards in Southern Jutland. Vinen Klemhest in Aabenraa is a small vineyard with 600 vines that hosts a number of wine events.

Ready for a wine tour in Jutland?

We hope this has inspired you to visit a local winery in Jutland. We, Christopher and Yulia, are looking forward to exploring Jutland from head to toe at some point. Something is happening in the Danish wine country, and Jutland is way ahead of the game. the wine revolution.

If you’re curious about other areas in Denmark, read our guides to vineyards on Zealand , Funen and Bornholm .