By Stokkebye – Visit an award-winning vineyard near Nyborg

It was a huge aha moment for Christopher when I first tried a Pinot Noir red wine by By Stokkebye back at Vanløse Kulturhus in 2022. You can really make world-class red wine in Denmark from a relatively fragile grape – by Danish standards – like Pinot Noir.

The story of By Stokkebye

By Stokkebye vineyard is located in Bovense near Nyborg. It’s a family-run project that began as the realization of a lifelong dream by Jacob Stokkebye. As his wife Helle says:

Honestly… In the beginning it was Jacob’s boyhood dream, and then gradually I could see that this wine adventure was exciting… so now it’s become a family project.

Inspired by mornings in the vineyards and a passion for the art of wine, the family took the plunge and started planting their first vines. With a focus on Pinot Noir, a grape known for its finesse and complexity, they decided to follow traditional methods reminiscent of wine production decades ago. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in respect for nature and the desire to create Danish wines that reflect the unique character of the terroir. The vision is to produce authentic, quality wines.

What wines does By Stokkebye produce?

By Stokkebye focuses primarily on the production of wines from the Pinot Noir grape, but they also grow Solaris. That adds up to 25,000 bottles of wine annually. In addition to red wine, they also produce sparkling wines, fortified wines and, of course, white wine. Their approach to winemaking is artisanal, with a strong emphasis on hand-picking grapes and the use of French wooden barrels, giving their wines a distinct profile. As Jakob says:

We make wine the way they did seventy-six years ago, in French wooden barrels. We do things the way they were done back then.

Wine tastings at By Stokkebye

The winery offers a unique experience where guests can not only dive into the world of organically produced white wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines, but also explore delicacies such as caviar and trout roe.

At special events, announced on the website, guests can enjoy carefully selected wines accompanied by exclusive caviar from sturgeon farmed in the idyllic natural lakes of Schleswig-Holstein, processed by the world-famous Hamburg Caviar House and Prunier. The trout roe offered next door is sourced from Danish trout and adds an extra dimension of local flavors to the experience.

Interested parties can participate in a wine tasting with a guided tour, where they get an insight into the subtleties of both wine and roe production. For larger groups of at least 10 people, private visits are available and can be tailored to your needs with a tour of the winery and vineyards, as well as tastings of the winery’s wines and delicacies such as caviar or tapas. To book these unique experiences, you can contact the winery directly by email or phone.

We, Yulia and Christopher, are looking forward to visiting the winery at one of their next events.

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