Vesterhave Vingård – Visit a winery in Karrebæksminde

Karrebæksminde is not only beautiful, it’s also home to one of the most award-winning vineyards and Denmark’s largest organic vineyard. In fact, they won a record 8 awards at the Danish Animal Show in 2023. Christopher drove south to visit Vesterhave Vingård and enjoyed Jesper Rye Jensen’s hospitality and review of some of Denmark’s best red wines.

The story behind Vesterhave Winery

Vesterhave Vingård is a newer winery from 2015, but an excellent example of Denmark’s growing wine industry. Run by winemaker Jesper Rye Jensen, this winery is not only a source of local pride, but has also earned international recognition for their Danish wine.

Jesper Rye Jensen from Vesterhave Vingård (Credit:
Jesper shows off some of the award-winning bottles.

Vesterhave Vineyard’s story is a tale of passion for wine and the beauty of nature. Jesper, the owner of the vineyard, has transformed an idyllic piece of land into a thriving wine production site. With his background and deep understanding of the world of wine, Jesper has managed to create a unique place where quality and love of craftsmanship are paramount.

The philosophy behind Vesterhave is simple but powerful: to produce high quality wine that respects the balance of nature and showcases the best of Danish terroir. This is reflected in their methods and meticulous care of the vineyards, where every step of wine production is carefully considered to ensure the best end product.

What wines does Vesterhave Vingård produce?

With 24,000 vines, Vesterhave Vingård produces a wide range of wines, with a primary focus on red wine, but also white wine and sparkling wine. Rather uniquely for Danish conditions, Jesper uses the Pinot Noir grape for his red wines. Most recently, orange wine will also be produced in 2024 for the first time. The winery has gained recognition for its red wines ‘Blue Lagoon’ and ‘Black Lagoon’, both of which have won awards at international wine competitions.

The winery’s focus is on quality over quantity, and this is reflected in their careful selection of grape varieties that thrive in the Danish climate. Their wines are characterized by a unique balance of fruitiness and complexity, which is a result of the carefully monitored fermentation process and maturation. In addition, all production is organic – not only EU certified but also Danish, which is much more difficult as, for example, no copper sulphate spraying is allowed.

organic wine from vesterhave vineyard (
Vesterhave Vingård has both the EU and Danish organic labels on their bottles

Several of the wines have received +90 points from Robert Parker. For example, the above 2022 Buble lagoon has 92 points.

Wine tasting at Vesterhave Winery

Vesterhave Vingård offers more than just wine; it’s an experience. Guests can enjoy guided tours of the vineyards where they can learn about the different stages of wine production and the philosophy behind each wine. The winery also organizes wine tastings where visitors can enjoy the different wines with appropriate snacks or meals that highlight the character of the wine. In addition, corporate events for more than 10 people are organized, where chefs from the farm offer a perfect menu to go with the wine menu. There’s also accommodation available on the farm in one longhouse and in four bivouacs up by the vineyard, so get going 😀.

Wine tasting at Vesterhave Vingård (Credit
The wine shop at Vesterhave Winery

There is no doubt that Vesterhave Vingård is one of the drivers behind the development of Danish wine both in Denmark and internationally.

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