Vejrhøj Winery – A Danish wine adventure in Odsherred

In the middle of the scenic Danish landscape, embraced by Sejerø Bay and Nekselø Bay in Odsherred and close to Dragsholm Castle, lies Vejrhøj Winery. A winery that came about by chance, but today is a serious player in the history of Danish wine.

The story of Vejrhøj Winery

The founders, Nina and Niels Fink, started their journey with a simple dream of a life in the countryside, far away from their previous careers as economists in Copenhagen. This journey, which began over twelve years ago, eventually led them to become pioneers in Danish wine production. The history of Vejrhøj Vineyard is a story of transformation. From a desire for a simple vegetable garden and perennial bed, the idea of wine production was planted by friends who recognized the site’s potential. “This place we had found was, by Danish standards, one of the best places to grow Danish wine “, Niels remembers. With a microclimate favored by the proximity to the water and a unique heat reserve from Sejerø Bay, the vineyard offers ideal conditions for viticulture – a rarity in Denmark.

What wines does Vejrhøj Winery produce?

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We have planted eight grape varieties, and three of them are blue and they are on a very small scale, so in reality we have five green ones with 60% Solaris.

In addition to Solaris, the winery’s selection also includes other white wine grapes such as Muscaris, Phönix and Hibernal, as well as a limited production of the blue grape Souvignier Gris, Cabernet Cantor and Leon Millot.

They have started experimenting with orange wine on a smaller scale. Niels points out that orange wine has been an exciting addition to their range, which is particularly popular with restaurants and curious wine lovers. His description of their approach to orange wine emphasizes Vejrhøj Vineyard’s willingness to experiment and innovate in winemaking, which is part of their philosophy of exploring new and exciting winemaking techniques.

The names of the wines are curious

Achilles, Penning, Daler….

According to Niels, the inspiration for the wine names came from a surprising source: old coins. This idea arose from a remarkable find on their property.

The vineyard, located in scenic Odsherred, has not only been home to vines, but also to a rich history. The area around the vineyard has been a fertile hunting ground for local amateur archaeologists, who have made countless finds of ancient coins. These coins span centuries and provide a fascinating insight into the historical significance of the area.

Niels explains how one of their first wines was named “Søsling”, inspired by an old coin. “Søsling” is an affectionate term for a coin that was originally worth six shillings. The name “Søsling” had a pleasant sound and hints of sweetness, which perfectly suited the winery’s fortified wine.

This approach to naming continued to be a tradition for Vejrhøj Winery. Several of their wines have since been given names such as ‘Penning’, ‘Sterling’ and ‘Drilling’, which all refer to different historical coins. This unique naming method not only serves as a tribute to the history of the area, but also adds a layer of narrative and depth to their wine production.

Wine tastings at Vejrhøj Winery

Vejrhøj Winery is located on a route where many people pass by, giving them a unique opportunity to attract casual visitors. The winery shop has fixed opening hours during the summer months.

Vejrhøj Vingård offers regular tours and wine tastings. They also organize private tours of the fields and winery with wine tasting. Their events include dinners and special festival events.

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