Brut de Møn (Møn Vin) – Sparkling winery with big ambitions

Most people have visited Møns Klint, but now there are more reasons to visit. Møn is experiencing explosive growth in wine production. As Hans Christian Ambjerg from Brut de Møn (soon to be renamed Møn Vin) comments:

“The microclimate here on Møn is unique and a key factor in our success with Brut de Møn. The special thing about the microclimate is how it combines an ideal balance of sunshine hours, mild winds and a soil rich in minerals, creating perfect conditions for our grapes. The reflection from the water contributes extra sunlight, which is essential for grape ripening. It’s fascinating how a small change in climate and location can have such a big impact on the character of the wine.”

Danish wine production on Møn.

The story of Brut de Møn

Brut de Møn is a sparkling wine that has already become a huge success. The vineyard that produces this Danish wine was established in 2019 by Hans Christian Ambjerg and his wife. They chose to locate the vineyard on Vestmøn because of the unique climatic conditions and the optimal soil, which is ideal for wine production. An important factor in their success has been the south-facing slope close to the water, which provides a reflection from the water and thus more hours of sunshine for the grapes. This unique microclimate on Møn has allowed the grapes to ripen several weeks before the rest of Denmark.

18,000 vines have been planted in the period 2018-2020. The first harvest at the winery took place in 2020 and exceeded all expectations. It was surprising because the grapes were not expected to ripen so early. Their success with the first harvest emphasized the importance of their choice of location and their decision to grow grapes in such a unique environment.

Which wines does Brut de Møn produce?

Brut de Møn is primarily produced with Chardonnay grapes, a grape variety traditionally associated with the production of sparkling wine and usually grown in warmer climates like France. Hans Christian Ambjerg noted that the Chardonnay grapes thrived incredibly well on Møn, almost like weeds, which was surprising as the region was originally thought to be too cold for this type of grape. The maturation of Chardonnay on Møn proved to be very successful, which contributed to the high quality of Møn de Brut.

We, Yulia and Christopher, are looking forward to visiting Brut de Møn and the other wineries in the area soon. If you want to read more about the vineyards of Zealand, read this guide .