RÖS Souvignier Gris 2021, Dyrehøj wineyard (Kopier)

230,00 kr.

Souvignier Gris is a gray grape with white must. Only the must is used in this white wine. The grapes were harvested and sorted by hand. immediately after arriving at the winery, the grapes were gently pressed. The must was then fermented at a cool temperature.
This white wine is soft and round with a fine aroma of ripe fruit.
75 cl.



We love this white wine from Dyrehøj Vingård near Kalundborg. This wine offers a delicate aroma of melon and brioche that meets the nose and awakens our senses. The beautiful and distinct taste of ripe fruit unfolds on the tongue and gives a round and balanced experience. Souvignier Gris is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Bronner. The grape is characterized by red/greyish grapes with thick skins and rich flesh.

What food does this wine go with?

Here are a few recommendations for dishes that will harmonize beautifully with Souvignier gris 2021:

• Scallops with cauliflower purée: Try preparing juicy scallops and serve them with a creamy cauliflower purée. The mild sweetness from the scallops and the creamy cauliflower puree will match the wine’s delicate taste of ripe fruit perfectly.

• Roasted Chicken Breast with Butter Steamed Vegetables: Enjoy a delicious roasted chicken breast with a side of butter steamed vegetables such as spring onions, carrots and sugar snap peas. The tender chicken and the juicy vegetables will compliment the wine’s roundness and balanced finish.

You can of course also enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace with snacks such as roasted almonds with sea salt.

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